Hi there, and welcome to CodeScales.com.

My name is Yaron, and I am an avid software developer. My development experience spans 10 years of server-side and client-side programming, in Java and C#.  For the past year, I have been involved in developing SAP’s cloud platform for applications.

I believe that writing code is always about the balance. May it be the balance of implement-for-now against the need to plan-for-the-future, or may it be the balance of introducing more functionality, on the expense of simplicity and maintainability. Hence the Scales, and I think you understand where the code comes in to play.

CodeScales will be my umbrella for creating open-source projects, and HttpClient is my first attempt at creating something for the global good.

With HttpClient I have tried to bring most of the functionality that exists with the Apache Java HttpClient (Version 4) without the complex tree of interfaces involved. So I created a single .Net library to include all the relevant interfaces and classes.

I hope you find the examples in this site useful, and clear. You are more than welcome to let me know what you think about the project, and send me questions at yaron@codescales.com.



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